My name is Katya,

I’m ceramic artist from Moscow, Russia.

There is no big team or big factory behind this screen. I hand-build and paint each item with love and patience. So each item is one of a kind.

By the way I also run this site and answer your messages personally, so feel free to contact me.

I update my shop 1 or 2 times per month.

What’s in the shop now?


I ship worldwide.

Delivery cost to USA, Europe ~ 50$/44€

I use first class delivery option and pack my vases extremely carefully.


The prices in my shop are fixed in Russian Rubbles.

But don't be scared! There is an option to pay via PayPal.

You may find prices in $/€* in each item's detail - just click an item you like!

There is also a short description in English: size, materials, etc.


*This prices are approximate, they will be automatically recalculated by Pay Pal in your currency for todays rate.

If you have any questions pease write me a message: